Our clients are like neighbors to us. When you call us, you’ll speak with friendly garage door professionals. We won’t pressure you for sales. And we commit to cost transparency so rest assured, you’ll never be overcharged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which garage door should I choose for our home?

Deciding which type of garage door to use for your home can be tough. At Nabors, we provide you with tools, such as Design-A-Door, to help you make a smart decision. The process is simple. Upload a photo of your home, scan available garage door options, and see how they look together.

How much does a garage door cost?

The prices vary widely. It can start for as low as $499 to as high as $1700. If you’re looking to install a specialty garage door, let us know and we’ll provide you a quote for it.

Do you have garage door products that can be accessed thru a smartphone?

Yes, we do. We offer wireless enabled accessories for garage doors. This lets you control your garage door with ease, wherever you may be.

Do you have insulated or energy efficient garage doors?

Nabors offers insulation and energy efficient garage door selections. Contact us so we can send you a price list.

Can garage door installations be a DIY project?

Installing a garage door on your own may expose you to safety risks. This should be handled by trained professionals with years of experience to ensure a safe and proper installation. If you’re concerned about the costs, we’re here to help. You can request professional garage door installation services at an affordable price.

Do your products and services come with warranty?

Yes. Nabors provides a 7-year warranty for all our garage doors and parts, as well a 3-year labor warranty. Should you notice issues with your garage door within this period, we’ll fix them at no extra cost to you.

Which should I use, a torsion or extension spring?

Extension springs lie in a horizontal position along the door tracks and create tension by stretching. Torsion springs, meanwhile, are placed on top of the garage door and create tension by winding.

The choice is yours, but we prefer using torsion springs as they produce consistent results when you raise your garage door. Torsion springs are also less vulnerable to damages as they have fewer moving parts.