Don’t Get Jammed! Good Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door working well?

At Nabors Garage Doors, we will help with any of these kinds of problems, whether they are based on the infrastructure of the door itself, or accessories, obstacles, or anything else.

This is an important service because your garage door is one of the most complicated pieces of your property.

Assets and Liabilities

An old man we used to know would often say: “it’s surprising how quick an asset can turn into a liability.”

We’ve seen that idea at work so many times!

In our industry, it means that so many property owners sometimes feel like they would rather rip out the entire garage door and have a manual door instead.

That’s because there are various things that can go wrong with the garage door that are hard to fix. The garage door is, in some ways, much like an ice-maker in a refrigerator: it’s great when it works. 

When it doesn’t work – it’s a nightmare.

That’s why people call us!

Let’s put it this way – when you need to utilize your garage, the door has to be working properly. Otherwise, you can’t get what you need in or out, whether that’s your vehicle or all of the gear you need for your newest hobby. 

This is further complicated by the reality that many parts of the garage door, like sensors and roller chains, are notoriously glitchy. Proper maintenance is key, and so is some knowledge about how your garage door operates.

Openers and Fancy Stuff

In the old days, you just hit the button … but now we have a lot more complexity to our garage door systems.

One of the most common hacks today is to use your smartphone as a garage door opener. But this kind of Bluetooth design comes with its own pros and cons, including quite a bit of potential troubleshooting if something goes wrong. 

When you hit the button and the door doesn’t come up, you’ve got a problem. And again, it’s often at those times where you can least easily deal with this kind of malfunction.

Knowing how to fix these issues requires knowledge about how the physical garage door infrastructure hooks up with external digital gear, whether it’s your smartphone or anything else.

At Nabors Garage Doors, we put a lot of effort into maintaining capable and reliable garage door repair services and offering great installation that will help you get more out of this important piece of your property. We want you to be able to zoom in and out, day after day, week after week, month after month … and yes, year after year. Ask about what’s involved in long-term garage door maintenance, and check all the deals that we offer to loyal customers. Talk with our knowledgeable technicians about the best ways to maintain both access and security for you and everyone else in your household.