Garage Door Repair and Replacement: Should You Repair or Replace?

Garage doors are referred to as the ‘rolling steel front doors’ of homes. Most people do not give much thought about their garage doors until something goes wrong. When you have a broken garage door, it becomes very important for you to understand the different aspects related to garage door repair and replacement costs so that you can make an informed decision when faced with this dilemma. Calling a professional Garage Door Repair company, like Nabors Garage Doors, in North Carolina is key!

Garage doors come in all shapes, styles, colors and materials. The three most common materials used for garage doors are: Wood, Steel and Composite. Wood garage doors are often sturdy and long-lasting but they need regular maintenance like – staining, painting etc. Because of the weather conditions in most parts of US (humidity, temperature fluctuations, cold weather), wooden garage doors have a relatively short lifespan. Moreover if they are not maintained properly, wood garage doors may warp over time which will affect their strength as well as performance.

Wood Garage Doors: – Wooden garage doors are the most traditional and common material used for constructing garages. These doors may be made up of pine, cedar or redwood planks and require regular maintenance like sealing and staining to protect them from humidity and temperature fluctuations. While choosing a wooden door it is important to select the right type of wood because they come in different grades. You can learn about the different types of wood used in making garage doors here .

Wood comes with both advantages and disadvantages. While wooden doors are very sturdy, long lasting and provide good insulation, they require regular maintenance (staining, sealing) after every couple of years because their performance deteriorates over time due to weather conditions. Wooden garage doors are slightly more expensive than steel or composite doors because they need custom installation.

Steel Garage Doors: Steel is one of most durable material for construction purposes because these doors don’t dent or rust even after being exposed to extreme weather conditions for years. If you are looking for a door that can stand the test of time then steel garage doors are your best option. The only downside is that these doors are usually more expensive than other types of garage doors because they require professional installation. You can learn more about the cost of steel garage doors here .

Composite Garage Doors: Composite doors are typically made up of a sturdy frame work, combined with fiberglass or vinyl skin. This material is relatively cheaper than other types of garage door materials and does not require professional installation. These doors also have an energy efficient design that keeps heat or cold inside your garage during extreme weather conditions. You can read this article to find out how much does it cost to install composite garage doors.

Now that you chose the right type of garage door, what can go wrong?

– The Garage Door itself is the most important part because it includes the springs, cables and weather seals.

– Opener: Your opener controls the opening and closing functions of your garage door. There are different types of openers such as chain drive or belt drive depending upon your preference and budget. Chain driven openers are usually less expensive than belt drives. However, belt drives are more reliable because they have fewer moving parts which are mostly out of reach so they are protected from dirt and dust.

– Tracks: There can be one or two tracks for your garage door depending upon the size of the opening that you want to cover. The tracks need to match together perfectly when you close your garage door so that it does not sag or sway.

– Panels: There are typically three panels in a garage door and they can be made up of different materials such as wood, metal or fiberglass. The overall thickness and the number of layers used for the panel will determine how sturdy your new door is going to be.

– Locks: Your new garage door should have enough locks or bolts so that it does not open accidentally or allow strangers to enter your premises. As a general rule, there should be at least one lock on each panel of the garage door. If you are keen

– Metal Tracks  are necessary for smooth functioning of any type of garage door. These tracks are strong and long lasting but make sure they are rust protected. You can also opt for tracks which may be more expensive but they will not cause any problems even if they are exposed to extreme weather conditions.  

– Rollers: To provide a smooth and effortless operation, rollers are an essential part of any garage door. They come in various different sizes and shapes as per your requirements so make sure you know the height and width of your garage door before selecting the correct size rollers.

– Garage Door Springs: These springs provide counter balance to the weight of your garage door and allow it to open and close smoothly without causing any inconvenience to you. Springs should be replaced every 5-7 years which will enhance the life of your garage door so don’t try to save money by ignoring this chore.

– Reinforced Exterior Rollers & Hinges: You may have noticed that many of the steel garage doors are equipped with steel reinforced rollers, hinges and locks. These are not just for show but they are sturdy enough to carry heavy objects. If you lift weights at home then this feature is mandatory because it will protect your door from breaking down due to the weight if accidents do occur!

– Non Standard Colors And Special Finishes: The standard steel garage doors come in a variety of colors and you can choose from white, almond, brown, bronze etc but the special finishes may cost more because they involve additional painting or powder coating.

– Things To Keep In Mind: If you are not sure about the type, size, style etc of your new garage door then you should definitely go with our customized garage door option because it will cost less than standard steel doors. Steel garage doors provide great insulation against heat or cold so keep that in mind if you live in extremely hot or cold areas of the country. Another important thing to remember is that steel doors do not block out noise completely so don’t buy them if this is one your primary concerns.

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When you want a new garage door or need a repair, your budget should be the prime factor. Having the right garage door repair company on your side, like Nabors Garage Doors NC, should also mean a lot to you.

Nabors garage door service has professional technicians who know how to handle everything related to garage doors. They can install or repair any kind of residential or commercial garage door for you. No matter what type of problem you are facing with your garage system, just give them a call! 704 870-0548

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