How to Troubleshoot a Garage Door Installation Problem

If you don’t know how to troubleshoot your garage door, there are a few different ways that you can try to determine what might be the root cause so that you can safely address and resolve the issue. You’ll want to make sure everything is plugged in before calling a repairman, which would be something like making sure the photo eye sensors are completely intact which would mean replacing them if they’re broken or that their wires are properly connected. Also check your automatic sensor on both sides of your door, as sometimes one of these sensors becomes damaged or torn down by snow or other debris. Here are four things that you can do while trouble shooting your garage door opening issues:

If your garage door is not opening it could be that the power to the motor has been cut. Most likely this happened because someone pulled the emergency release cord, or because of a failure with the pulley. This is easy enough to fix yourself though you might want to speak to the manufacturer of your specific door if you aren’t sure how best to proceed. We do recommend however that even if you are handy with most things around the house that you don’t take this step on your own as it could put you at risk of injury. If using the emergency cord retracted it in then removeing it again should fix any problem -assuming there aren’t any mechanical failures- but approach this with caution as continuing to use an unsafe door can result in serious injuries and damage sustained by your property in ways that are costly or irreplaceable even for those who are generally good when it comes to home DIY projects!

First, disconnect the garage door motor from the wall. Once disconnected, move the hub away from the motor and plug it into an electrical outlet inside the garage. Make sure that the flashing light on the motor unit is visible. If you hear a clanging noise when you try to open the door manually, it’s possible that the chain is too tight. You’ll probably have to replace it immediately or else see if another one needs to be installed altogether! To fix this problem, you will have to install either a new chain or perhaps a whole new unit altogether!

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