Three Types of Doors

Three Types of Doors

When you want high-quality functional garage doors, you have various options to choose from. At Nabors Garage Doors, we are a local company that helps area residents to explore the possibilities of improving their properties, and to add garage door installations that provide access and security for years to come.

Here’s some of what our customers choose when they get into the design aspect of creating a functional and enjoyable garage space.

Traditional Garage Doors

Many of our customers want a simple traditional garage door with an attractive panel design. They may not need windows or handles or anything else – just a solid color garage door that opens and closes in a reliable way.

One of the main things that we work on with these types of doors is the elaborate sensors that will allow for opening and closing. Sensor problems can make a garage door work improperly, and we’re vigilant about maintaining these doors in good working order.

Carriage Style Doors

These are also a popular option with some of our customers who like the idea of having a traditional door with a very different look.

You could call these carriage garage doors ‘imposters’ in a sense – they look like they would fold open, but they actually function as traditional garage doors. So handles or anything else that’s hardware is just window dressing.

One of the values of the carriage garage door is that it makes the property look more sophisticated, without the burden of adding the actual folding carriage doors, which can cost a lot more.

Modernist Aluminum and Iron Garage Door Designs

Some customers want a modern look, with aluminum or iron panels that will fold in the traditional way, but look much different on the side of your garage.

We can help with any of these three designs. We’ll sit down with you and help you plan, answering questions and figuring out the details before the project implementation starts. Our team works closely together, and we know what we’re doing with garage doors. We have an excellent track record of quality service around Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas, and we are happy to come out and take a look at your property. You can use our free estimate service online to get a quote, and see more of our past work in our web gallery. We are passionate about supporting homeowners and property owners with their long term goals, and established as a top firm in this part of the country. Get professional advice on how to make your garage doors work for you.

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