Common Winter Garage Door Problems You Need to Know About

Common Winter Garage Door Problems You Need to Know About

The average home garage door is opened and closed at least five times per day. If you want your home’s garage door to remain reliable and functional, you will have to invest time and effort into maintaining it properly. The colder temperatures of winter are being felt all around the United States. Most homeowners fail to realize how damaging colder temperatures can be to the various parts of their residence.

Your garage door is not immune to feeling the negative effects of cold winter temperatures. Here are some common winter garage door problems and what can be done to address them properly.

Watch Out For Damage to Your Garage Remote Sensor

A garage door remote makes opening and closing the garage door on your home much easier. Having to get out of your vehicle and manually open your garage door can be a hassle. A functional remote sensor is vital when trying to keep your garage door functional this winter. During the winter months, the cold temperatures can actually crack the remote sensor you have in place.

If you notice that your garage door remote isn’t working, then you need to inspect both the remote and the sensor. Before you call in a garage door repair technician, you need to make sure that the batteries in your remote are fully charged. If there is a noticeable crack in your remote sensor, you need to hire professionals to fix this issue. They should have no problem getting a new remote sensor installed in a timely manner.

Issues Involving Contracting Metal

Did you realize that metal contracts when exposed to cold temperatures? This can be extremely problematic when it comes to the metal components on your garage door. Things like your garage door’s springs, rails and screws are all made of metal. Broken garage door springs are actually one of the most common garage door repair issues during the winter months.

Avoiding these issues will require an investment in a high-quality lubricant and a heavier weight oil. By lubricating the various metal components on your garage door with these substances, you can keep them protected from frigid temperatures.

Check the Weather Stripping Around Your Garage Door

Keeping the warm air produced by your HVAC unit indoors is important if you want to avoid energy waste this winter. The weather stripping located at the bottom of your garage door is designed to keep cold air out during the winter months. If this weatherstripping is damaged or compromised, you will have a hard time keeping your energy bills from increasing during this time of year.

Taking the time to inspect this weather stripping is important when trying to catch these issues early on. If the weather stripping is damaged, you need to have it replaced immediately. The professionals at Nabors Garage Doors will have no problem getting these repairs performed quickly and correctly.

Don’t Let Garage Door Problems Linger

As soon as you notice problems with your garage door, call in the team at Nabors Garage Doors.

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